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“Spice Up Your Season: Thai Ginger Harvest is Now Served!”

Availability: January to June 2024

Exciting news! As the Thai Ginger Season approaches, we are proud to announce that our premium European-grade gingers are now ready to ship, backed by our Global GAP Certification.

In our dedication to providing you with the best, our ginger cultivation for the European market involves nurturing plants to reach heights of over 800 meters above sea level, ensuring superior quality.

For our European-focused cultivation, 1 rai (1600 square meters) yields an impressive 7 tons, allowing our ginger the space it needs to grow to the ideal size, ranging from 150 grams to 250 grams per piece. Meanwhile, in other markets, the same area can yield 15 tons, providing ample space for smaller gingers to thrive.

Our commitment extends to the meticulous planting patterns we employ. Ginger intended for the European market follows a layout where every 4 square meters can accommodate four rows, while ginger intended for other markets adopts a pattern allowing for five rows in the same 4-square-meter space.

Experience the excellence of our Thai Ginger, now with the added assurance of Global GAP Certification, as we bring you a harvest cultivated to perfection.

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